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Rudolf Jany
2015-08-29 14:21   审核人:

Born in 1946 in Germany , Mr. Jany was the training manager of Airbus in Hamburg and an expert in aircraft manufacturing. He helped TSVTC to be selected as the talents assessment and training center for Airbus A320 Tianjin Assembling Line and provided a set of ¥400,000 assessment tool. During establishment of the center, he organized site selection, conducted training scheme, selected assessment tools, material and trained teaching faculties, created training environment and supervised talents training quality. Mr. Jany has been a distinguished professor for aircraft manufacturing major, a honorary director of the Aviation, Aerospace and Automobile School and the Dean of the Major Construction Guiding Committee since 2010, and participated into the high skilled talent training program for Tianjin aviation field. Meanwhile, Mr. Jany advanced international cooperation programs for the college, assisting the college with supports from Airbus in Hamburg and Tianjin Airline and enlarged collaboration with relevant industries.


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