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2015-08-29 14:35   审核人:

LOGO Design Introduction

The main designing idea of the logo embodies the international cooperation background of TSVTC and her leading role in domestic vocational colleges.

LOGO Shape ----the inner main shape is a shield, often adopted by international colleges in logo designing, which has the symbol of solemn, honor, nobleness and elegance. And it is used in National emblems by many countries and other logos. The shield is used by the college logo to present the international cooperation background.


The letters below the shield are the deformation of the first letters of Zhongde’s Pinyin that look like“ 1” in number. The symbol formed by letters and the wave below implies that TSVTC will keep the leading role in the Haihe Education Park in future. Five stars above the shield originate from the national flag and are correspondent with the letter D below, which embodies the international cooperation background between Chinese and German governments. Two crowns on both sides mean the college’s leading role and great honor among vocational colleges at home and abroad. The letters of “AFZ ”are the abbreviation of the college’s former German name, which symbolizes the history and the good tradition of TSVTC will be inherited continuously, and the college will become the flagship of the domestic vocational colleges.


LOGO Color ---- the main colors are black, red and yellow that are the colors of   China ’s and Germany ’s national flag, which once again embodies the cooperation between China and Germany . The color of “blue” symbolizes Haihe river. The overall Logo is very rich in color and reflects TSVTC’s energy and passion.


The font of Chinese letters is STXingkai, and the English letter is Berlin Sans FB.


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