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Mr. Wei’s Kite Comes to TSVTC – Lecture of Artistic Master in TSVTC
2015-08-29 14:42   审核人:

On 22nd May 2015, “the Beauty of Kite”, artistic master’s lecture which is hosted by Student Affairs Department, undertaken by the Art Department was held in Auditorium 111, Build A at 2:00 pm. Wei Guoqiu, the 4th generation inheritor of “Mr. Wei’s Kite”(intangible cultural heritage), was invited as the keynote speaker. And all the staffs in student affairs department and Art Department , and over 80 students from 7 schools took part in this activity.

Wei Guoqiu introduced lots of knowledge of “Mr. Wei’s Kite” such as history, category and characteristic, implied meaning and manufacturing process etc. And he also showed his favourite work such as bright and colourful butterfly, delicate and pretty swallow in spring, and even Chinese characters. He made a detailed introduction of the dragon - eyes goldfish kites and the Eight Immortals kites.


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