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TSVTC Lecture– “Talk about the Culture in Tianjin Historically”
2015-08-29 14:52   审核人:

   Professor Luo Shuwei, a senior researcher of Tianjin Academy of Social Sciences, was invited jointly by Library and Student Affairs Department to deliver a speech on “Talk about the Culture in Tianjin Historically”.

Started with the location of Tianjin and based on local archaeological material, the lecture introduced the development of “Tianjin Wei” since Yuan Dynasty. It also mainly evaluated the contribution made by Tianjin in the modern history of China . This lecture is not only an introduction of historical facts, but also a feast of “cultural history” and “intellectual history”. Professor Luo Shuwei thinks the culture in Tianjin is combined with central plain culture, river and sea culture, and also influenced by Mazu culture. It absorbed western culture during the process of “Eastward Spread of Western Culture”. Finally, it formed the characteristic of “inclusiveness of Chinese and Western, combination of vulgar and elegance”.


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