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Be the Main Force to Realize Chinese Dream:
2015-08-29 14:58   审核人:

     On May 31, 2013, the 500 students and teachers from TSVTC and other colleges in Haihe Education Park have attended a special report in the auditorium of building A. The report is given by a well-known worker whose name is always around us and his story is always praised by people. He is the national model worker, and the leader of the Kong Xiangrui operation team in Chinese Huaneng Corporation of Tianjin port. He is Kong Xiangrui.

   The beginning of the report is an introduction video in which Kong Xiangrui is in his work uniform. He works around the crane of the coal wharf in the day, and looks at blueprints in his office at night. His working passion has lasted for 60 years. In the video, his eyes have a kind of belief, his work is full of hardness and devotion, and his life is filled with love and harmony. Of course, he is the model of modern blue-collar workers.

His lecture has lasted for 2 hours and can be divided into three parts: knowledge and skill are worker’s force, learning and practice are the source for innovation, and party’s education is the guarantee for work. Each part of his lecture is full of his own stories, which includes the stories of his development, hardworking, difficulty and success etc. For these several hundreds of vocational students, the stories given by him have instructed and encouraged all the students who will have more thoughts and dreams for their future lives.


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