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Professor Jin Shenghua lectures in TSVTC Lecture:
2015-08-29 15:09   审核人:

   In order to improve the student perception to self-value and to have a better career planning, the college’s Youth League Committee has invited psychological professor Jin Shenghua to make a report for TSVTC lecture on November 9, 2012, with the title College Student’s Self-exploration and Career Planning.

   At the beginning of the lecture, Professor Jin asked a question: everybody explores his/herself, but loses his/herself in the end, is this success or failure? The question has attracted all the listeners’ deep minds, and his lecture started from here. Professor Jin used humorous language to communicate with the students about five issues: college student self-exploration and evaluation, self-exploration misunderstanding, career orientation, society and company’s expectation to work seekers, and the path leading to realize one’s dream. Professor Jin has given lots of examples to illustrate how to achieve success, the key methods for self-exploration, and purpose for one’s career etc. Some examples are taken for Professor Jin himself, and others are the social hot issues. In the lecture, Professor Jin has introduced several books to the audience, like Road full of flower flavor, Psychological reaction to life, Arts of thoughts etc. The lecture has enriched our knowledge, and also enlarged our student’s sight to lives.


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