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The Fourth Lecture of TSVTC Lecture: Reflection and Practice of College Student Work in the New Era
2015-08-29 15:15   审核人:


At 2 p.m. on April 6th, 2012, the fourth lecture of TSVTC Lecture was held in the auditorium A110. Professor Lei Ming, director of Student Affairs Department of Tianjin University was invited to present the speech.


Professor Lei gave a wonderful lecture from three aspects: observation and reflection of current college student’s work, the major problems and tasks, and personal work practice. She explained the four pillars of education, which was to enable students to learn to know, learn to do, learn to live together, and learn to survive. Professor Lei noted that due to the changes of work object, new issues arise in current student work: firstly, unprecedented imbalance of students’ mental structures gave rise to increased psychological problems; secondly, a number of students’ moral sense became weaker under social transformation; thirdly, emergencies happen more frequently than before. In the face of the current problems of students work, she pointed out: in order to solve the current problems, we should innovate ideas, enrich the contents of students' work, expand the work channel, and promote professional development of students' work according to the change of tasks.


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