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Cultivation of Quality Awareness—the Second Lecture of TSVTC Lecture
2011-05-19 15:19   审核人:

On May 13th, Rudolf Jany, distinguished professor of aircraft manufacturing major and honorary director of the Aviation, Aerospace and Automobile Schoole, presented a wonderful lecture entitled “Cultivation of Quality Awareness” to the teachers and students from different colleges in the      Haihe      Education      Park   . The lecture was hosted by Lv Jingquan, Vice President of TSVTC.  

Mr. Jany stated in the lecture that quality, which is a kind of culture, consists of cleanliness and order. He introduced the 100% quality standard of Airbus based on his personal experience. In the end, there was a thorough and exciting interaction and communication session between Mr. Jany and the teachers and students attending the lecture. Many students were not willing to leave even after the lecture was over.  


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