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Academic Report by Academician Liang Sili of TSVTC Lecture
2011-05-17 15:20   审核人:

On April 27th, Mr. Liang Sili, a renowned national specialist of rocket control system and Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences came to our college and visited the students of the “Rocket Order Class” that are directionally trained for Tianjin Aerospace Long March Rocket Manufacturing Company of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation. He also received, from the college leaders, the letter of appointment as the College Distinguished Professor and the Honorary Director of the Construction Committee of Aerospace and Aviation Major. Besides, he gave an academic report entitled “Chinese Aerospace and Quality-oriented Education” to the teachers and students, which was the first lecture of TSVTC Lecture.

The academic report of Academician Liang Sili was held in the Auditorium at 10a .m.. During the report, he explained systematically the astronautic and space technology and their application, reviewed the history of Chinese aerospace development, introduced the development process of Chinese aerospace technology from carrier rockets, satellites, manned spacecrafts to the Moon project, talked about the Chinese aerospace spirit of independence, diligence, cooperation, selflessness, preciseness and bravery and shared his understanding and cultivation of comprehensive quality through his personal experience. He stressed that a high quality person should possess the noble spirit of patriotism and diligence, the good quality of pursuing the truth, kindness and beauty and the nine abilities of memorizing, associating, analyzing, integrating, organizing, imagining, creating, practicing and living independently. Academician Liang ended the report quoting a sentence of the Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw, “Life is no brief candle to me. It is a sort of splendid torch which I have got a hold of for the momentand I want to make it burn as brightly as possible before handing it on to future generations.” Liang said, “The society progresses with our contribution. I do hope everyone can live his life to the fullest by contributing more to our country and the society”. Liang’s report lasted for more than 2 hours with the main theme of the love for the country and the Party, innovation, hard work and contribution. His report, which highlighted the pragmatic scientific spirit and his charisma as a national scientist, won a long-lasting applause. President Li Dawei gave a speech after Academician Liang’s report, saying that this report would play an important leading and demonstrative role in the students’ life. He hoped that all the students would remember Academician Liang’s wonderful report and achieve their life goals and become the pillar for our country in the near future.


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