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“Aware of New Changes, Appreciate the New Era”— CPC History Report in Commemora... [2015-08-29] 
The Fourth Lecture of TSVTC Lecture: Reflection and Practice of College Student Wor... [2015-08-29] 
The Fifth Lecture of TSVTC Lecture: Building Your Own Pier for the Ship of Career t... [2015-08-29] 
Professor Jin Shenghua lectures in TSVTC Lecture: [2015-08-29] 
Professor Yu Zhongwen, President of Guangdong Lingnan Vocational [2015-08-29] 
Care Faculty Health and Enhance Work Passion: [2015-08-29] 
Be the Main Force to Realize Chinese Dream: [2015-08-29] 
The 11th session of Tianjin Social Science Popularization Week was held in TSVTC –... [2015-08-29] 
TSVTC Lecture– “Talk about the Culture in Tianjin Historically” [2015-08-29] 
Qin Ling, the famous writer, was invited to give a lecture of “Literary Works And ... [2015-08-29] 
The first lecture of 2015 TSVTC Lecture– Report on “Chinese Economy under the ‘N... [2015-08-29] 
Mr. Wei’s Kite Comes to TSVTC – Lecture of Artistic Master in TSVTC [2015-08-29] 
中德大讲堂第十四期:风筝魏走进中德校园——中德大讲堂暨艺术名家讲座报道 [2015-06-25] 
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