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President, Deputy Party Secretary Zhang Xinghui

Zhang Xinghui, male, Han nationality, born in Meng village, Hebei province in September 1963, postgraduate educational background, doctor of engineering, professor, master supervisor of Tianjin University of Technology and Education, part-time doctoral supervisor of Nankai University. He serves as president and deputy party secretary of TSVTC, presiding over the overall management work. He is mainly in charge of the work concerning human resources, financial audit, international exchange and cooperation, international students, foreign experts’ and teachers’ management, as well as research, reception, information publicity, confidentiality, petitions,etc..

Mr. Zhang once worked in Tianjin University of Technology and Education as deputy dean, dean of Computer Department, and then vice president, in charge of teaching. He used to be deputy director of Tianjin Academic Committee of TheNational Associationof Vocational Education of China. Now he serves as standing director of Tianjin Society of Image and Graphics, member of Ministry of Education’s Steering Committee on Instrument Science and Technology, deputy director of Signal Processing Expert Committee of China High-tech Industrialization Association as well as member of council of Robot Technique and Application magazine. Mr. Zhang is a first level talent ofTianjin“131 talents project” and he enjoys special government allowance awarded by the State Council.

Ever since 1997, Mr. Zhang has been to theUnited States,Britain,Singapore,South Korea,Ukraine,Japan,Egypt,Syria,Yemen,Cameroon, China Taiwan,Hong Kongand so on. He once studied higher education management inUniversityofMichiganin theUnited Statesand he was also a visiting scholar inTsinghuaUniversity.

“A New Mode of Training High-Technology Applied Talent—‘Undergraduate and Technician’ ” won the first prize of national teaching achievements award; “Establishment and Practice of the Mutual Mode for Teaching Reform, Technology Innovation and Subject Contest” and “Constructing Practical Teaching System of Three-level and Five-stage to Improve College Students’ Comprehensive Application Ability” won the first prize of Tianjin teaching achievements award; “Research on Intelligent Adaptive Predictive Control Theory and Its Applications” won the second prize of Tianjin natural science award. Mr. Zhang has done more than 10 scientific research, teaching reform and educational planning subjects at the national level as well as provincial & ministerial level. He is hosting 4 scientific research and teaching reform subjects at the national, provincial & ministerial level, including “Key Technology Research on Fast Information Acquisition Air-dropped Robot System in Disaster Environment ”. Moreover, he is hosting a majorsubject ofTianjinhigher education on humanities and social science—“Research onHaiheEducationPark’s influence on Binhai New Area’s Development”. He has published more than 60 papers, among which 20 articles can be retrieved in SCI and EI. He is editor in chief of 2 textbooks includingData Mining and Data Warehouseand a book whose name isChinese and Foreign Vocational and Technical Education--Chinese and Foreign co-authorship. What’s more, he won 4 patents and software copyrights.

Deputy Party Secretary Sun Hongyan

Sun Hongyan, female, Han nationality, born in March 1956, CCP member, in-service postgraduate educational background inPartySchoolof the CPC, majoring in philosophy of science and technology. She is researcher on ideological and political work and now serves as deputy party secretary of TSVTC, mainly in charge of the work concerning party building and organization, the United Front, veteran cadre, publicity and network ideological, stabilization, party school, student affairs, moral education, communist youth league, labor union and teachers representatives congress, retirees, security work, national security, mental health education, arts education, national defense education, military training, conscription, people’s armed forces and also assists party secretary with cadre work.

Vice President Xu Chengying

Xu Chengying, male, Han nationality, was born in January 1964, CCP member, graduated with master of education fromTianjinUniversity, professor. He serves as vice president and member of the party committee inTSVTC, mainly in charge of the work concerning education and teaching, model school construction, skills contest, evaluation, recruitment and employment. He is also Chinese director of Sino-Spanish Machine Tool Training Center.

Vice President Zang Like

Zang Like, male, Han nationality, born in July 1955, graduated with a bachelor degree in Chemistry major from Tianjin Light Industry College (now Tianjin University Of Science & technology), researcher. He serves as vice president and member of the party committee in TSVTC, mainly in charge of the work concerning continuing education and training, school-enterprise cooperation, social services, inter-college cooperation, scientific research, school journal, supervision, sports, library and archives, information construction, assets management, development planning and infrastructure construction, logistics, campus management, family planning and health care.

Secretary ofDiscipline Inspection Committee

Yang Guansheng

Yang Guansheng, male, Han nationality, was born in July 1969, CCP member, graduated with a postgraduate degree in Coastal and Offshore Engineering from Tianjin University, doctor of engineering, researcher. He is secretary of Discipline Inspection Committee of TSVTC, mainly in charge of discipline inspection and anti-corruption work.


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