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Introduction of Business and Trade Administration School


The School of Business and Trade Administration is one of the nine faculties of Tianjin Sino-German University of Applied Sciences. The school focuses on cultivating application-oriented technical and skilled talents for advanced manufacturing management service and enterprise and business management. At present, there are two undergraduate programs: Financial Management and Quality Management, and four higher vocational programs: Accounting, Chain Operation Management, E-commerce and Human Resource Management. Aiming at serving the local economic development and based on the "One Base with Three Zones" Positioning and the “Integration of Industrialization and Informatization, Industry and Management” principle, the college takes the initiative to build a specialty group about business management and improve the ability and level of serving the industry, so as to provide strong human resources support for the upgrading of economic development and industrial structure transformation of Tianjin.

Currently, the school has 25 full-time teachers, including 4 doctors, 2 professors and 9 associate professors, and 84% of them have master's degree or above, and more than 60% have overseas learning and training experience.

The school practices the concept of "seeking support through providing service and gaining development through making contribution", maintains close partnership with more than 30 well-known enterprises, such as Binhai New Area Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise Association, Seentao Technology Co., Ltd, Baidu Marketing University, Seven-Eleven, Aiborui, CAC CPA Limited Liability Partnership, and forms a training mode and characteristic path for cooperation and joint education in economics and management programs.

In accordance with the goal of talent cultivation, the college has built 14 professional laboratories with industry characteristics and modern technology on the basis of simulating the production and operation environment, work-flow and tasks of enterprise management services. These labs meet the experimental and training standards for the students majoring in quality management, engineering innovation, financial management, accounting, business operation, e-commerce, human resources and other fields.

The college always adheres to the student-centered principle and focuses on the purpose of serving the healthy growth of students throughout the whole process of education. By organizing various activities, such as student union activities, skill competitions, scientific and technological innovation competitions, social practice, culture and sports activities, the college vigorously cultivates students’ innovative spirit and practical ability, and strives to create an educational atmosphere of “loving learning, being good at learning and enjoying learning”.


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