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Introduction of Energy Engineering School


The School of Energy Engineering from Tianjin Sino-German University of Applied Sciences was originally affiliated to The School of Electrical and Energy. In 2017, it was established and renamed as the New Energy Department. In June 2020, TSGUAS conducted the third discussion in the Committee Collective Congress of the Party to rename the New Energy Department as the School of Energy Engineering. The school has 1 undergraduate major, Energy and Power Engineering, and 3 higher vocational majors, Photovoltaic Power Generation Technology and Application, Wind Power Engineering Technology as well as Building Intellectualization Engineering Technology. It also set up the Institute of New Energy and Automation Technology. The school of Energy Engineering has 14 experimental training venues with a total area of nearly 4000 including photovoltaic control system training area on E1 roof, thermal energy storage power generation centre, new energy training room, new energy training machine room, intelligent building comprehensive training workshop, intelligent building programming training room, basic thermal engineering laboratory, power engineering laboratory, dynamic measuring instrument laboratory, solar thermal utilization laboratory, energy and power simulation laboratory, thermal energy storage power generation test centre on E2 roof, etc.. The School of Energy Engineering has a team of high-level professional teachers with both political integrity and talent, among which 28% have a doctor's degree or above and 48% have a title of associate professor or above. In addition, the percentage of double-qualified teachers with working experience in enterprises accounts for more than 70%.




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