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Enrolment guide

I Specialties Available :

























CNC Technology,Application and Maintenance of CNC Equipment, Electrical Automation Technology,Computer Control Technology,Mechanical Electrical Integration Technology,Wind Energy and Power Technology,New Energy Application Technology,Aircraft Manufacturing Technology,Avionic Device Maintenance,Automobile Testing and Maintenance ,Automobile electronic Technology,Software Technology (Technical Programming/Data Base),International Business,Logistics Management ,Visual Communication Art Design,Computer Art Design (Specialization in Film, Television and Animation)

II Education Type and Duration :

























Degree Education: 3 years

Professional Practice and Technical Training: 1 month to 6 months

Chinese Language Training: 1 month to 12 months

Chinese Culture Experience: 1 week to 3 weeks

III Enrolment objectives and requirements :

























Students who apply for degree education should be under the age of 25, have equivalent learning ability, and can communicate in English or Chinese. There are no restrictions of educational background or age or language ability to students who apply for other types of education.

IV Path and Time of Application :

























Perspective students can obtain the ‘Application Form for International Students of Tianjin Sino-German Vocational Technical College’ from the website of the college or by other ways, and then submit the form after filling it in. The deadline of application is August 31th each year. The application is on a year-round basis, and the first semester commences in September each year.

V Lecturing style :

























If the number of international students as in a single class reaches 12, bilingual (English and Chinese) lecturing can be provided; if the number is less than 12, the international students will join a Chinese class, and in this case, they need the Chinese language training for 1 to 12 months in advance.

VI Fees Standards :

























(1)Tuition FeesDegree Education: 15,000 RMB/year

Professional Practice and Technical Training: 3,000 RMB/2 weeks

Chinese Language Training: 2,000 RMB/month

Chinese Culture Experience and Study: Further discussions apply according to the specific investigation route

(2)Sundry ExpensesEnrolment Fee (only for new students): 800 RMB

Textbook Fee: 1,500 RMB as deposit (The balanced will be paid to either side as the case may be)

Physical Examination Fee (Only in the first year): 650 RMB

Resident Permission Certificate Fee—Photo-Taking Fee: 500 RMB

Comprehensive Medical Insurance Premiums (for students with semester duration over half a year): 600 RMB/year, (Students who study for less than half a year shall purchase the valid assurances in their own counties)

Notes: Comprehensive Medical Insurance includes Death Benefit, Accidental Disability Benefit, Accidental Injury Medical Benefit, and Hospitalization Medical Benefit.

(3)Accommodation FeeTwin Room: 1500 RMB/month/person

Double Room: 5,400 RMB/moth/person

(4)Other feesOther living expenditures are covered by students

Notes: Except in special circumstances, tuition fees and accommodation fee should be paid in 10 days for degree-education students or in 2 days for short-term students after register. Late payment may result in an overdue fine of 5%.

VII Application Documents :

























(1)3 Copies of the ‘Application Form for International Students of Tianjin Sino-German Vocational Technical College’

(2)Notarized personal highest education certificate and transcript of academic record of high school (only applicable for degree-education students)

(3)2 Copies of Passport

(4)6 latest bareheaded photos

Notes: Electronic application documents must be submitted to the appointed email address, while the hard copies of application documents must be posted to the appointed address. Whether or not the applicant is admitted, application documents shall not be returned.

VIII Register Documents :

























(1)‘Visa Application for in China’ (JW202)

(2)‘Admission Offer of Tianjin Sino-German Vocational Technical College’ or Invitation Letter

(3)‘Foreign Physical Examination Form’ which is valid (only for students who study for over half a year)

(4)Original and 2 copies of passport

(5)2 latest bareheaded photos

Notes: ‘Foreign Physical Examination Form’, which is made uniformly by the Chinese health and quarantine departments, can be downloaded from the China Scholarship Council, and is available from Chinese embassies and consulates.

IX Physical Examination :

























According to relevant regulations of the Chinese government, before entering to China, international students whose study period is over half a year should present to their schools a valid health certificate, namely the ‘Foreign Physical Examination Form’, which has a period of validity of 6 months. Furthermore, after register, the college will uniformly bring the international students to the Tianjin International Travel Health Care Center for health check (paid by students) to get the physical examination certificate, without which, the Resident Permission Certificate cannot be made.

X Living Services :

























The college provides a special training apartment block for the accommodation of international students. Each standard double room accommodates 2 persons, with basic living and studying facilities including shower and toilet (integrated in one cubicle), basin, air-conditioner, wardrobe, office chairs, internet access as well as cleaning service. On each level of the training apartment block, there are a laundry and a kitchen (where the basic kitchenware is provided and easy breakfast can be made).

The college has two public canteens for repast, plus a muslin window. Specially-made dishes are available at suppers.

A business street within the campus provides services like catering (including fast food), post office, telecommunication, supermarket and bookstore.

Near the campus, there are bus stops of including bus routes 705 and 655 as well as subway station for connection with the downtown city, and shuttle buses commute between the college and downtown districts every morning and evening.

XI Contact US :

























Department of International Cooperation and Exchange, Tianjin Sino-German Vocational Technical College

Address (Postcode): Room B811, B812, No.2 Yashen Road, Haihe Education Park, Tianjin, China, 300350.

Phone: 022-28776677; Fax: 022-28771866


Contacts: Songhan,Norman,Apple

Appendix II :Application Form for Perspective International Students of Tianjin Sino-German Vocational Technical College













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