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Relying on International Cooperation

    ---- Focusing on Sino-German cooperation with diversification of international cooperation

Tianjin Sino-German Vocational Technical College was founded in 1985, and is the largest cooperative project between the Chinese government and the German, Spanish and Japanese governments in the field of vocational education and training. For this project the German government invested 65 million D-Mark, the Japanese government 1 billion yen, and the Spanish government 9.76 million USD. Since the construction of Model College Development program in 2007, it has attracted investments worth 65 million RMB from world-famous enterprises including SIEMENS, BOSCH, DMG, IBM, Mitsubishi and NI. The college now possesses more than 4,000 sets of advanced teaching instruments and equipments worth 200 million RMB, and 90% of them are productive. It has 56 laboratories and over 20 practice workshops. The college took the lead in introducing the ‘dual system’ of German vocational education mode, and among its instructional staff, 72% of teachers are double-qualified, and 78% of them have received training of professional skills and vocational education in Germany, Spain, Japan, Canada, Singapore and Australia.

German Commence Chamber visited Tianjin Sino-German College

Cooperation Signing Ceremony of Tianjin Sino-German College and Cervantes Institute

For years, the college has, relying on international cooperation, made considerable development in reformation of talent-cultivation mode, construction of practical training bases, staff cultivation, college-enterprise cooperation, curricular development, educational and instructional management etc. The college has substantial cooperative relationship and nearly 20 cooperative projects with well-known institutes and enterprises from Germany, Japan, Spain, Canada, Australia, Singapore and US. For years, the college has, relying on international cooperation, made great achievements in specialty development, curricular development, staff-group development, construction of practical training bases, and instructional resources development, from ‘Sino-German’ to “Airbus A320”, and then to ‘the 30th Anniversary of Sino-German Vocational Educational Cooperation’; from ‘Sino-German’ to ‘Sino-Spanish Machine-tool Training Center’, and then to ‘instructional workshop’; from ‘Sino-German’ to ‘Sino-Japanese’, and then to ‘modern vocational educational managerial philosophy’; from ‘Sino-German’ to ‘Sino-Canadian’, and then to ‘BCIT high-quality instructional package of software technology’; from ‘Sino-German’ to ‘Sino-Singaporean’, and then to ‘strategic cooperation’; from ‘Sino-German’ to ‘Sino-American’, and then to ‘Sino-Australian’; making a path of international cooperation and development by taking roots in Sino-German cooperation and learning widely from multiple strong points.

Mr. Suzuki Tomoo from Japan Democratic Party visits the college

Delegation of Turku, Finland, visits the college

Mayor of Bankok, Thailand, visits the college

Importing Foreign Intelligence

  • ---- Supporting internationalized highly-skilled talent cultivation together with college instructional groups

The college’s foreign experts have now formed into a group. Experts from Germany, Japan, Spain, US, Canada, Australia etc. are playing a more and more important role in the instructional management, specialty development and instruction, instructional staff training, and construction of practical training bases. Tianjin Sino-German Vocational Technical College now has 9 foreign experts and teachers:Rudolf Jany (German):former manager of Airbus Hamburg Training Center,now Honorary Dean and Specially-Appointed Professor of the college of automobile and aviation.Heusinger (Germany): expert of CIM, Germany, honorary college vice-president and the winner of Haihe Friendship Prize of ?Tianjin Municipal Government.Hopfensperger(Germany): former vice-president of Teacher’s College of Further Education in Rhineland-Palatinate, and the winner of the National Friendship Prize and the Haihe Friendship Prize of Tianjin Municipal Government.Ignacio(Spain): former department director of Danobat Group, Spain, now the Spanish Director of Sino-Spanish Machine-tool Training Center, and winner of the National Friendship Prize.Jason (USA): former engineer of California Semiconductor Corporation, now the head of the college’s English teaching group, principal of Specialty English training program for Airbus.Becker (Germany): former vice-president of Teacher’s College of Further Education in Rhineland-Palatinate, now the Honorary Dean and Specially-Appointed Expert of the college of economy, trade and management.Richard Zhou(Canada): software expert of BCIT, Canada, and Guest Professor of the specialty of software technology.George Stecher (Germany): German expert of the college and the winner of National Friendship Prize.Ernst Nausch (Germany): German expert of the college and the winner of Haihe Friendship Prize of Tianjin Municipal Government.

Mr.Hopensperger,College’s German Expert, Won the National Friendship Prize

Mr. Ignacio,Spanish Director of the College's Sino-Spanish Center, Won the National Friendship Prize

Mr. Jany, the college's specially-appointed professor, and honorable dean of the department of automobile and aviation, won the Haihe Friendship Prize”

Mr.Stecher,head of German expert team, won the friendship prize

Mr. Huesinger, the college's German Expert, is lecturing

Mr. Imohl, one of the founders of the Sino-German project

German expert Mr. Nausch won Tianjin Haihe Friendship Prize

Coference on the college's development and cooperation with German experts

Cooperative Project with Airbus

  • ----The Airbus A320 Talent Assessment Centre and Technicians Training Centre

In 2006, after fierce biding, The Airbus A320 Talent Assessment and Technicians Training Centre located in Tianjin Sino-German College. During 2007 to 2009, 26 Airbus experts from Germany, France, together with 32 professional teachers jointly completed the assessment of 1344 “blue collar” and “white collar” for the Tianjin Assembly Line. They take the responsibility of training for four majors, namely, Elementary Mechanical, Elementary Electric Engineering, Elementary for Mechanical Aviation, and Elementary for Electric Engineering. By now, the Centre has trained 255 people. And we have successfully introduced Jany, the former manager of Airbus Hamburg Training Center.

“Airbus A320” brings new opportunity for Sino-German College. By means of the Airbus project and coordination conducted by Mr. Jany, 7 professional teachers from the specialty of Mechanical Engineering went to the Airbus headquarter in Hamburg, Germany on 11 different occasions. In 2007, all the trained teachers established the Aircraft Manufacturing Technology which is the first aviation related major in Tianjin vocational college. And three of them became key technicians on the Airbus A320 Assembly Line.? Later, our college undertook “Spacecraft Manufacturing Technology”, and “Avionic Device Maintenance” etc. , which are also first majors in Tianjin vocational college, thus forming a group of specialty and providing talent training for the pillar industry for Tianjin Aviation. Besides, the concepts and standards that Airbus A320 brings to us have deeply permeated into every stage in daily schooling.

In 2010, our college cooperated with Airbus further, and carried out a 6 month technician training program for the new employees

Cooperative Project with DMG

  • ---- CNC Technology Center and Product Experience Center of Tianjin Sino-German College and DMG, Germany

Cooperation Signing Ceremony by the College President Li and DMG Asian-Pacific President Elbrachter

Inaugural Ceremony of DMG Numerical Control TechnologyExperience Center

Mr. Hanno Elbracher, President of DMG APAC region,with the college leaders and DMG students

‘CNC Technology Center of Tianjin Sino-German College and DMG ’was launched jointly by DMG and the college serves as a promotional platform in the field of CNC technology for students and teachers. DMG is a world-leading stock-removing machine producer, possessing incomparable advanced technology, including top technologies in turning, milling, supersonic vibrant processing, laser material processing, machine-tool automation control system and software solution etc. ‘Technical Innovation’, as the corporate tenet of DMG, matches well with the college’s thought in cultivating students’ creative capability.

‘CNC Technology Center of Tianjin Sino-German College and DMG’ locates in the industrial center at the new campus, it covers a land of 2100㎡, and equips with 10 vertical machining centers, 6 turning centers, 16 Sinutrain training workstations, and a five-axle processing center reflecting the most advanced technology of DMG. The Practical Training Center fully demonstrates the corporate culture of DMG. DMG’s support to the practical training center and its close cooperation with the college are world-unique. The practical training center, with its high-end and high-level plan by both parties, reflects the ‘top, innovative and high quality’.

DMG Numerical Control Technology Center and Technical Experience Center

Students of China and Germany attended the CNC invitational tournament

CNC invitational tournament for students of China and Germany

Cooperative Project with BOSCH REXROTH

  • ----Hydraulic and Pneumatic Practical Training Center and Product Display Center of Tianjin Sino-German College and BOSCH REXROTH, Germany

BOSCH, one of world top 100, established the hydraulic and pneumatic practical training center and product display center jointly with the college, one of the two vocational technical colleges that BOSCH has cooperated deeply with in China. The practical training center covers a wide range of distribution from basic products to mid-range products, and then to high-end products. It is at the international level, and takes the lead in domestic vocational colleges. The ‘Product Display Center of Tianjin Sino-German College and BOSCH REXROTH’ also serves as a window to display BOSCH products and equipment, to know advanced mechanical-electronic integration technology, and to experience BOSCH corporate culture.

The College Established with BOSCH REXROTH the Global Intelligent Cooperative Partnership

President of BOSCH REXROTH Drive and Control Institute Visited the College

Cooperative Project with SIEMENS

  • ----Advanced Automation Technology United Demonstration Project Center of Tianjin Sino-German College and SIEMENS, Germany

The college established jointly with SIEMENS, German the ‘SIEMENS Advanced Automation Technology United Demonstration Project Center’. The center focuses on the cultivation of skilled persons for Tianjin’s new energy industry, including cutting-edge technologies in the wind power field like wind power generation control system, wind power complementary system, and the center is the largest vocational educational demonstration center invested by SIEMENS.

Cooperation Signing Ceremony of the Sino-German College and SIEMENS

SIEMENS Global President Visited the Sino-German College

Cooperative Project with MITSUBISHI

  • ----Robot Arm Practical Training Center and Automation Experience Center of Tianjin Sino-German College and MITSUBISHI Electric, Japan

The College has cooperated with Mitsubishi Electric because of its lead in technology and its brand influence in China and China’s vocational educational circles. The college’s strategic cooperation with Mitsubishi Electric is the largest one among Chinese higher vocational colleges with Mitsubishi Electric, and is also a comprehensive cooperative project. Decorated with the logo of MITRUBISHI, the practical training center reflects the MITSUBISHI corporate culture. From now on, the two sides will further their comprehensive cooperation in corporate technical training, instructional staff training, MITRUBISHI product display, and planning the ‘Industrial Robot Competition of Higher Vocational Colleges’.

Cooperation Signing Ceremony of the Sino-German College and MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC

President of MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Visited the Sino-German College

Cooperative Project with IBM, USA

  • ---- Rational Software Technology Development Practical Training Center of Tianjin Sino-German College and IBM, the USA

The college cooperates with America IBM to construct training platform based on IBM Rational Software Service Outsourcing as the first higher vocational college to collaborate with IBM throughout the world. This collaboration breaks the simple purchasing mode of tools software. The college and the enterprise make use of the IBM Rational training platform to construct a demonstration platform with strong action and advanced technology, depending on training objectives, courses and software. As a strategic talent-training project, IBM provides a full set of management system, operational processes and business cases which simulate IBM as well as various theories and practices on hardware and software throughout the training. In this way, students can experience the IBM culture and obtain professional quality training, IT skills training and business process training. Excellent graduates will be brought into ‘Talent Alliance Database’ that belongs to ‘IBM Talent Alliance Plan’, and recommended to IBM and its business partners and customers.

Cooperative Project with NI, USA

  • ----Virtual Instrument Technology Center of Tianjin Sino-German College and NI, USA

‘NI Chinese Vocational Education Training Base of Virtual Instrument’ includes ‘Virtual Instrument Test and Control Training Room’ and ‘Graphical System Design Industrial Training and Demonstration Center’. The Virtual Instrument Test and Control Training Room involves trainings on test, control and electron; Graphical System Design Industrial Training and Demonstration Center involves the whole structure of graphical system design from basic and comprehensive aspects to frontier developments as well as completed training system on test, control and combination of test and control.

Sino-Canadian Project:

? In 2004, the college and Canadian British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) developed professional cooperative education project on software technology. This efficiently promote specialty-construction level of the college via introducing high-class IT teaching package from North America, professional communication, student exchange and teacher exchange. Based on the Sino-Canadian Software Technology Specialty, the college has developed two national excellent curriculums, namely‘Database Principle and Application’and ‘Local Area Network Technology’ , and several municipal-level and college-level courses. This cooperative education project won the second prize of ‘2009 Tianjin Teaching Achievement’. 28 students have won various awards of skills competitions. It is also the key specialty supported by central finance. In 2009, we enlarged cooperation with BCIT by adding major on database. In 2011, beside software technology specialty, cooperation in automobile specialty is launched.

Furthermore, under the influence on the collaboration with? BCIT, Algonquin College from Canada intended to cooperate on economy and business management specialties with our college. Two professional teachers have visited our college in succession to finish the linkup of the courses.

Sino-German Project:

Based on the profound tradition of collaboration between Chinese government and German government, we explored new areas for cooperation, and in 2011,? the college signed a framework with Ludwigshafen University of Applied Sciences in establishing specialty cooperation project and overseas students project. Meanwhile, we signed a framework with German Teachers Training College in jointly developing issues on vocational education and carrying out teachers training program.

Sino-Spanish Project:

Based on Sino-Spanish Machine Tool Training Center, our college started collaborative schooling with Spanish IMH in area of CNC in 2011, and then extended cooperation with The University of Mondragon from Spain. In order to coordinate with Sino- Spanish collaborative schooling, Cervantes Classroom is under operation in the new site of our college.

Cooperation Singing Ceremony by the Sino-German College and NI

Automation Technology Innovation Experience Center of the College and NI

Sino-Australia Project:

With new energy as carrier, our college cooperated with Australia Central Institute of Technology in the field of Applied New Energy Technology. We introduced all the curriculum and teaching resource (including standards of capability, tools of assessment, courseware, teaching material and plan of the assessment etc.) from Western Austrian Central Institute of Technology. This helps promoting the internationalization of the talents in new energy.

Sino- Singapore Project:

Our college has established long-term strategic cooperative relationship with Nanyang Technological University from Singapore since the foundation of our college. This project has trained 32 teachers in the fields of Multimedia Computer, CAD, CAM etc. Throughout these years, interactive visits among leaders, teaching staffs, administrative officials have been carrying on between two schools. We had in-depth conversation in terms of management, operation and college-enterprise collaboration mode. The Art Department of our college and Nanyang Technological University is now working together on the basis of the Tianjin Sino- Singapore Eco City Animation Park, and established an animation training base of the triple parts, so that realizing the co-founded and sharing of training recourse.

In-depth Cooperation with Hong Kong and Taiwan:

In 2010, our college cooperated with the Hong Kong Vocational Training Centre in related fields and reached preliminary agreement on collaboration in exchange students, inter-construction of training base, inter-sending of teachers, inter- exploration and conduction of vocational skills competition.

In 2010, we signed collaboration agreement with Taiwan Chienkuo Technology University, Takming University of Science and Technology, and Delin Institute of Technology respectively. Currently, full- scholarship project with Taiwan Chienkuo Technology University is officially established. Meanwhile, we have signed agreement of cooperation with Tainan University of Technology and Lanyang Institute of Technology. By now, we have selected 15 students from different majors to study in Taiwan Chienkuo Technology University. In 2012, the second group exchange students are now studying in Taiwan. Bao Chunyang, Peng Jing from the Department of Mechanical Engineering are some of the outstanding ones. They won gold medals in the Italian International Invention Expo as participants of Chienkuo Technology University.


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