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Motto & Logo

“Practicality”, which is quoted from On Balance, Chapter Ding Xian by Wang Chong, a philosopher from the Eastern Han Dynasty, means to uphold actuality and simplicity. This not only emphasizes that we need to be an honest person, behave sincerely, be down-to-earth and be realistic in everything we do, but also stresses that we should enhance practical skills, boost industrial development and achieve the ambition of industry-based national prosperity through genuine technology and skills.  

“Perfection” means questing for excellence, quoted from The Analects of Confucius, Chapter Xue Er and the annotation of Zhu Xi from Song Dynasty. This emphasizes that we should keep improving in everything we do, and we should think and behave wisely and combine innovation with refinement.  

“Integrity” is the essence of Wang Yangming’s philosophy of the mind, which includes three theories “identity of mind and principle, unity of knowledge and action, and integrity”. “Integrity” is the combined embodiment of these three theories. 

“Integrity” is quoted from Mencius, Chapter Jin Xin I, “what people can do without learning is instinct; what people can understand without thinking is innate knowledge”. “Integrity” refers to not only the ability to distinguish between good and evil from the moral aspect, but also the ability to distinguish between right and wrong from the cognitive aspect. “Integrity” requests us to foster, during practice, the capability of telling good from evil, right from wrong, to achieve the unity of knowledge and action and to possess both good morality and ability.      

The main designing idea of the logo embodies the international cooperation background of TSGUAS and her leading role in domestic vocational universities and colleges.

LOGO Shape ----the inner main shape is a shield, often adopted by international universities in logo designing, which has the symbol of solemn, honor, nobleness and elegance. And it is used in National emblems by many countries and other logos. The shield is used by the university logo to present the international cooperation background.

The letters of “AFZ ”are the abbreviation of the university’s former German name, which symbolizes the history and the good tradition of TSGUAS will be inherited continuously, and the university will become the flagship of the domestic vocational universities and colleges.

LOGO Color ---- the main colors are blue, white and yellow. The color of “blue” symbolizes Haihe river. The overall Logo is very rich in color and reflects TSGUAS’s energy and passion.