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Intelligent Manufacturing School

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Intelligent Manufacturing School


Facing the fields of intelligent technology and equipment manufacturing, the School of Intelligent Manufacturing (IM) focuses on professional groups integrating intelligent manufacturing and industrial Internet, and aims at the demand for talents at regional economic posts, as well as forms an industrial chain covering majors of automation, electrical engineering and intelligent control, industrial information security, and logistics management. The School of IM fully embodies the characteristics of practice orientation, with an equal emphasis on theory and practice. Besides, it implements the four-year continuous project (enterprise) practice in order to connect with industries and strengthen cooperation with enterprises in production, study and research. The School of IM builds a systematic system of innovation and entrepreneurship for technical expertise by taking an innovation course of engineering practice project as a bridge. It also actively responds to the rigid demands and technical problems of enterprises to cultivate “innovative, technical and skilled” talents.

Through the exploration and practice of the “Platform for Business Startups and Innovation”, The School of IM constructs an ecosystem integrating “policy, production, learning, research, funding and application” which meets the needs of constructing a university of applied technology, and promotes educational and teaching reform with the integration of production and teaching. In addition, by participating in an expert working group on Sino-German intelligent manufacturing educational training, the quality of talent training is enhanced in an all-round way, and the research and practice on the standards for linkage between secondary and higher vocational education is strengthened. The School of IM actively explores the laws of talent cultivation at the level of master’s degree, so as to well serve the regional economic development.


Intelligent Manufacturing School

Automation Major

Electrical Engineering and Intelligent Control Major

Logistics Management Major

                          Information Security Major